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Why is your Botox/Dysport isn't lasting?

1.   Dose may be too low

 It is important to note that Botox is classified as a medication, meaning that its impact is influenced by the dosage. Similar to how your blood pressure or anti-anxiety medication is administered, the initial dose of Botox will be conservative and can be increased based on its effectiveness, if needed.

Bottom line- the higher the dose the longer it lasts



2.   Area of injection

There is a limit to the number of units (dose) that certain areas, like the forehead, can tolerate. Exceeding this limit in the forehead can result in heaviness, drooping brows, and the inability to move the eyebrows. For this reason, it is important to inject this area with particular care.


3.   Individual metabolism and level of activity

Individuals who engage in athletic activities or lead a highly active lifestyle will metabolize the drug more quickly compared to those who are predominantly sedentary. Sorry guys, but that's simply the reality of the situation! 😊



4.   Resistance to the drug

Over time, it is possible for your body to build up a tolerance to the drug, leading to reduced effectiveness or complete ineffectiveness.

These are some of the potential reasons. Every person is unique and reacts differently to treatments. You should never compare the effect and reaction of your body to anyone else's.

Setting expectations

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