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lip filler dissolving

Lip filler dissolving

Sometimes, lip filler needs to be dissolved due to overfilled lips, AKA "duck lips", or due to migration of the filler.

Migration occurs when the dermal filler spreads or migrates outside of the lip space, usually onto the upper lip. 

Before/ After

overfilled lip dissolving and refilling
migrated  lip dissolving and refilling
overfilled lip dissolving and refilling

Why does migration happen?

Too much too fast!

lip filler should be injected in small amounts about once year. 

When building lips from a very small/thin lip, it might take a few appointment where we add small amounts slowly. once you have reached the desired size, lips should only be refilled yearly for maintainance.


How long it takes to dissolve the filler

The process takes about 15 mins minutes. 

Hyaluronidase has an immediate effect and continues to work over the span of a week. Please note, that depending on the amount of filler that needs to be dissolved, you may require a few sessions.

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