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Hi, I'm Ella! Nurse injector and owner of SkinBio. Nice to meet you!

I am a Nurse Injector, a Trauma ICU nurse and a mom of 3.

I am lucky and honoured to be able to meet so many different people in my practice and  I am extremely excited to share our rejuvenation journey together.

My passion and expertise is creating natural lip filler and my goal is to work together with you to achieve best possible results!

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Anna, K

Did my lips with SkinBio Aesthetics a couple of months ago. Ladies, what an amazing experience!!!
Let me go by points:
Ella is VERY professional and will address every issue /concern/question you might have. She will never start anything, until her client is comfortable.
She has very good taste and will guide you suggesting what will suit and what will not. What is appropriate and where to stop. She will never ask you to come for re-fill if its not necessary, values her work and is NOT trying to make you to spend more.
My pain barrier is VERY low, but Ella has such an easy hand, that I almost didn't notice her injections.
She is an easy going, generous and approachable, try- you won't regret.

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Ella is extremely professional and kind. She walks you through each step of the process to ensure that you are comfortable with whatever treatment she is providing for you. She is thorough with her processes and the space she works out of is very clean (and quite lovely). I have been seeing Ella for the past two years and I have always felt confident when leaving my face (literally) in her hands. I highly recommend booking a treatment with Ella.

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I was always skeptical at first about receiving any sort of lip fillers. My main goal was to balance/ even out my lips, while giving it an extra, but natural looking plump. Ella was able to make my goal come true and I'm very happy with the outcome. Ella is an expertise at her work and very knowledgeable, honest and dedicated to achieving her clients desires. Thank you so much Ella for my luscious, juicy, yet very natural looking lips! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for natural and luscious-looking lip filler procedure.


Consultation before anything

Consultation is the most important part when deciding to start your journey. This is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about your concerns, ask all the questions and make a well informed decision. Together we will decide on the best treatment plan to achieve your goal.

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